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2024 Minimum Wages


More than 20 states and nearly 40 local jurisdictions will increase their minimum wage rates on January 1, 2024. The minimum wage in the state of California will increase to $16.00 per hour.


Several cities and counties (especially in California) are increasing their minimum wage effective January 1, 2024. Tipped Employees For tipped employees, California doesn't allow employers to apply a tip credit toward the minimum wage. Employers must pay tipped employees the full minimum in direct cash wages. Multiple Minimum Wage Rules If an employee is subject to more than one minimum wage requirement (such as federal, state and local), employers should pay the most generous rate to the employee. If your business is located in one state, but you have employees (such as remote workers) in another jurisdiction, the minimum wage in the location where the employee performs work generally applies. Overtime exemptions In some states, including California, the minimum salary required to be classified as exempt from overtime is tied to the minimum wage and therefore will also increase on January 1, 2024. Questions Regarding the 2024 Minimum Wage Increase? Contact us today! 310.714.7034 or

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